Monday, May 11, 2009

Plum Village Meditation Center practice orientation premiered

After many months and countless mindful breaths the work of producing a Plum Village meditation center practice orientation video is finished. Thanks to the creative and generous efforts of many friends. A completed DVD was provided to Thây, Sr. Chan Khong and the sangha at the dutch retreat in Papendal, Netherlands. Viewings with the Dutch narration track, on a big screen were well received. All the copies were purchased. People were happy to have a 40 minute movie which gives a useful impression of the Plum Village practice, and simple guidance for practicing at home. There are also guided meditations, the 10 mindful movements and khi cong stick exercises included.

For information on obtaining a copy in Holland, visit . It is soon to be available in the US through Parallax Press with the title, "Mindful Living Every Day."
Currently it is produced in PAL and NTSC with English, Spanish and Dutch soundtracks. When I have time the Vietnamese soundtrack will be edited into the movie also. Plum Village may add French, German and other languages this summer.

Time to let the laptop rest and for me to get out and enjoy a little more of the fresh air and blue sky.

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